10 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Everyday


10 Extraordinary Ways to Make the Most out of Every Day (even the rough ones)

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By: Carla Mercedes, Founder of The Daily Chat

Every day we have choices to make from the moment we get out of bed.  Some choices are simple like what to wear, or what to eat for breakfast. However, as our day begins to unravel, the choices seem to get harder or more complicated as the day goes on. Today, I want to share with you 10 extraordinary ways to make the most out of every day (even the rough ones).

1. Take your Vitamin M (Motivation)

This means that just as you would take your daily vitamins for your health, you also have to take your “Vitamin M, Motivation.” For me, it’s opening my journal and looking at my goals list for the year and also my bucket list daily.

2. Start with Mondays

When Monday begins, start with getting in the right mind-set.  Ask yourself these questions: what can you accomplish, who can you help, and what can you do differently.

3. Every.Day.Matters

What ever assignment you’re doing, whoever you are speaking to make sure to give 120%. Take advantage of your day, your time and really understand, that Every.Day.Matters, so let’s start living that way!

4. It’s a bad day not a bad life

Just because something happens it doesn’t mean we have a bad life, just a bad day. I write three solutions that I can apply to the problem. This exercise helps me to quickly get a handle on the issue and not allow it to ruin my day. Remember to stay focused on the solutions!

5. Words have Power

Understand that although this is an elementary principle we have learned, it’s so true. What we say is important not only to others, but also to ourselves. See what you say about others is a reflection about your character. Practice saying something positive to yourself every day and something positive to someone else.

6. Help someone in need

I believe that when you are going through hard times, it’s a good opportunity to help others who are less fortunate and this quickly will help you realize that sometimes what we consider issues are nothing compared to what others are dealing with. See when you give of yourself to others, it does something in you that makes you feel thankful for what you have, humble and appreciative.

7.Journal daily

This one can be a bit difficult because we have to practice consistency. In my journal I begin by adding my goals for that year down, and then I also add my bucket list on the next page.  The reason I do this is because I start my day reading and writing in my journal.  When I do so, I’m reminded what I need to do and what the goal is.

8.Purposely listen to some form of motivational talk

There is not one day that doesn’t go by that I don’t listen to something motivational. I try to listen to at least 1-2 YouTube videos, Ted Talk videos, an E-Book or a podcast. This all started when I noticed that I spend so much of my time in the car.  I figured instead of listening to the radio, I would use that time to learn and grow.  I would say that has made a big difference in my life.

9.Do a half-day checkup

I encourage you to do what I call a “Half-Day Checkup.” What this consist of is asking yourself half way through your day… Who have I helped, what have I accomplished, and who have I inspired? You would be surprised of the power and effectiveness this activity has.

10.   Keep a Memory Jar

I started my memory jar, this year and I absolutely love it. You write down on a sheet of paper great things that have happen to you daily and put it in the jar.  Then at the end of the year you open the jar and read all the great things. I love doing this because so often we forget small accomplishments or successes that have helped us to get to where we are.


I hope that these 10 tips will help you to make the most out of every day (even the rough ones). I would encourage you to pick at least 1 or 2 to start doing today.


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